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            Stress Mastery Motivational Products


Our Stress Mastery Motivational Products are designed to encourage employees to respond to work and life's stressors in more productive and beneficial ways and to encourage them to reduce and lower stress for peak performancem greate health and improved relationships. Our stress mastery products are based on positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness and will enable your employees to keep stress at optimum and productive levels.

Order posters for your company and help motivate staff and employees to master stress on a daily basis! For quantity orders, please CONTACT US.

Posters comes in 16” x 20” or 20” x 30” and are un-mounted and ready to be placed around the office or work environment. Shipping and handling are in addition. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Order posters on-line by clicking the PayPal button. For special sizes and different quantities of if you’d like to order mounted posters, please CONTACT US


tress Mastery Desk Guides are a terrific resource to help your employees understand their stress and what to do about it whenever needed. Produced in a glossy 8.5” X 11” tri-fold, employees are provided with evidence-based tips, suggestions and techniques for how to understand, reduce and master stress. When an employee is under stress, he or she can take out the Guide to find the best way to deal with their stress right now. The Guide provides evidence-based ways to reduce, manage and master stress, so that they can function at optimal levels and peak performance.


Each Desk Guide comes as a Full Color, Glossy Tri-Fold (14” x 8.5 Full Size) andcoated for durability. Contact Stressmaster for a quote on a larger quantity needed. In addition, we can add your company name and logo at an additional cost. Shipping, taxes and handling are in addition. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. S&H is included.


The Stress Mastery Pocket Guide is a portable guide that can be slipped into a wallet or purse and pulled out when needed. The Master Stress Pocket Guide provides employees with essential information, strategies and techniques on how to reduce stress on the job or at home. Employees will have a portable guide to master stress at all times.

The Pocket Guides are a reference tool for employees to learn how to apply proven effective stress mastery techniques whenever stress is high and productivity is being affected. The Pocket Guide provides specific strategies, ideas and suggestions on how to reduce stress and become more stress resilient.

Order Pocket Guides for your company and help motivate staff and employees to master stress each and every day! Each Stressmastery Pocket Guide is full color & glossy (3.75” x 2.25) multi-fold. Contact Stressmaster for a quote on any other quantity needed. The Guide can be customized by adding your company name and logo. An an additional cost applies. Shipping, taxes and handling are in addition. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. S&H is included




The Master Stress Motivational Email program is a great way to present the latest positive psychology and stress mastery concept to your employees. Emails are quick and easy to see and read and can be sent directly to employees on a weekly schedule or we can provide them to your communication department and they can send according to a schedule. These motivational emails are colorful, inspirational and consistent with the principles of stress mastery. There are two types of emails;

Inspirational and Instructional


Pricing is based on size of company and any special needs.

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