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      Stressmaster Associate Program

stress master associates

The Stressmaster Associate Programis open to trainers, coaches, consultants, mental health, wellness and health related professionals who want to help others live and function more efffectively. If you are looking to grow your professional service business, become a Stressmaster Associate. The benefits include proven effective stress management (mastery) programs, over 30 stress master training and coaching materials, including our proprietary Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ), Stressmastery Guides, Stressmastery Workbooks. In addition, we provide supportive marketing and program development materials such as: how to videos & webinars, PowerPoints to expand your presentations and our comprehensive Facilitators Manual to help you design and deliver highly effective stress mastery training and coaching programs.

In addition to being able to use our library of stress master materials, tools and techniques, each Stressmaster Associates is a Value Added Resellers (VARs) of our Stress Mastery Program. Associates may resell the Stress Mastery Program to companies, internal trainers, HR departments other external trainers and coaches.

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"I have been working with an executive team the last two days providing feedback regarding StressMaster and I am loving the practicality and richness of the information. We used it in Namibia for Executive Wellness, and conducted three assessments before meeting the team. The Stressmaster gave us the authoritative stance to go in and present sanitized actual averages for the small team's stress levels and this clenched the deal."
Cobus du Plessis - Stressmaster Associate - South Africa


The Master Associates Program


The Stressmaster Master Associates Program is designed for companies or organizations who have a strong local network and are well established in delivering training, coaching and consulting with in a prescribed area such as a country or territory.. The Master Associate Program was created for a company or organization desiring to take a lead role in providing Stressmastery services and products to a specific country, state or region.

Our Stressmaster Master Associates Program allows a company or individual to be the conduit or reseller of Stressmaster products and services within a given region or, in some cases, an entire country. Master Associates may have other Associates under their license. As such, a company or organization desiring to become a Master Distributor must commit to a higher level of sales volume, have a marketing plan in place and demonstrate experience in business development, management, training and consulting.



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