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"Don't Just Manage Stress. Learn to Master IT!”sm


Over the past 30 years, Stressmaster International has become the leader in reduc workplace stress through evidence-based stress risk assessments, stress mastery training, stressmastery programs and organizational stress coaching. Through our highly trained team of 60 Stressmaster Associates, we have been able to reduce stress and build stress resilience around globle from the USA, Canada, UK, and Mexico to Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, India, Iran, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Hong Kong and Nigeria. Over 600,000 people in 15 countries have benefited from our stress assessments, training and stress mastery programs.


James C. Petersen, Ph.D.
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In 1982, Dr. James Petersen, a noted psychologist, author and Director of the Biofeedback and Stress Management Clinic in Tucson, Arizona, founded Stressmaster International. Dr. Petersen created Stressmaster International around a new concept in the field of stress management that he called Stressmastery. Since then, Dr. Petersen and his team of Stressmaster Associates have conducted programs to reduce workplace stress or to help individuals master stress through stress mastery coaching in thousands of companies, organizations and clinics around the world. The focus is simple....help people under stress to learn how to reduce, master and conqure personal stress that will result in improved health, better work quality, greater creativity, improved interpersonal relationships and the enhancement in the quality of one's life.

To accomplish the Goal of Reducing Worldwide Stress, Stressmaster International provides both Training and Development Programs for companies and organizations but, also, our Stress Master Training Material are available to any professional trainer, coach or stress management program facilitator.



Stress Mastery Seminars, Workhops, Public Speaking & Keynote Presentations

Our dynamic and insigtful Stress Mastery Seminars provide employees with a solid foundation for understanding stress and what to do about it. Our Stressmastery team leaders are experienced training and development professionals who can motivate employees to take control of their stress.

Dr. Petersen and our 45 professional Stressmaster Associates can provide your company or organization with professional, fun and informative presentations, workshops or seminars. We have extensive experience in public speaking and key note presentations and provide services in 15 countries. We can provide your company or organization with motivational and informative speaking presentations on such topics as...


The Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ)

The beginning point for all Stressmaster's programs is the SMQ. Origionally called the Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ), the SMQ's name has been changed to reflect the Goals and Mission of Stressmaster International. The SMQ is the central component of our Total Stress Mastery Program; it is one of the few scientifically developed stress assessment tools currently available to trainers, coaches and counselors. The SMQ is a carefully researched and validated stress “risk” assessment tool (NIOSH, 1982) that will help your employees or clients to identify their unqiue stress "risk" areas on 11 unique scales. The SMQ provides specific information that focuses one's STRESS WARNING SIGNS, STRESS EFFECTS and STRESSORS. Armed with this information coupled with Dr. Petersen's Stressmastery Guide: A Roadmap to Resilience, each person develops a personal plan for change and stress mastery. A complimentary online SMQ assessment is available to qualified professionals who would like to evaluate the Stress Mastery Program and SMQ in greater detail. Please CONTACT us for a Link and Access Code to TAKE THE SMQ.

Stressmastery Facilitators Training Manual

Whether new to stress management or stress mastery training or an experienced training professional, our Stressmastery Facilitators Training Manual can add a greater depth of knowledge and information about stress, stress resilience and stress mastery. The Manual is packed with detailed information so that trainers can design and deliver high quality, evidence-based stress management (mastery) programs in virtually any company, organization or government agency. The Manual provides new and innovative ideas for a high impact program by focusing on the cause of stress and what to do about it. In addition, the Manual details how to integrate the SMQ into a Stress Mastery Program.

Motivational Posters, Pocket and Desk Guides

Our high quality, full color posters are important reminders to employees of ways to be stress resilient and to keep workplace stress under control. Each poster is professionally designed to communicate important messages to your employees to keep stress at optimal levels. The Pocket and Desk Guides give employees the information and ideas necessary to keep stress “at bay” and are an easy reference to specific ways to lower stress when needed!

Training PowerPoints

Our professionally developed PowerPoints or PPT’s provide trainers and program facilitors with supporting visual aids to communicate key stress management concepts in a workshop or seminar setting.

Professionals Who Use Our Stressmastery Materials

Stressmaster’s products and services are available to professionals, such as internal corporate trainers and program facilitators who deliver stress management programs to employees. External trainers who consult with and deliver programs to corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies use our materials to deliver high quality stress mastery programs.  As for coaches and counselors, our Stress Mastery Program will help clients identify specific areas for change and, therefore, are an excellent resource for individual and small group stress mastery coaching programs.

The Stressmaster Associate Program


Stressmaster International works with professional trainers, counselors, psychologists and coaches who become Licensed to use our Stress Mastery tools in their work. We have over 60 Associates around the world who can deliver high quality stress management programs at your facility or at an external training location. Our Associates are worldwide including Canada, Mexico, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Slovenia, UK and Chile. We are expanding and looking for partners to join with us in mastering worldwide stress! If you are interested in becoming an Associate or learning more about the benefits of becoming an Associate, please click hereStressmaster Associate Program

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USA | Canada | Mexico | Norway | Slovenia | Chile | Germany | South Africa | Wales | India | Jordan | UK | Nigeria | Iran | China | Saudi Arabia | Australia | Poland

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