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            Facilitators Training Manual

The Stress Mastery Facilitators Manual (143pp) integrates our proven effective tools, techniques and training strategies into one document so that stress management trainers and program professionals will be able to implement high quality stress management/mastery programs in any environment. Stressmaster and our team of stress management training experts have designed and conducted stress management programs for companies, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and health and wellness centers for over 30 years. Based upon years of experience, the Facilitators Manual will help stress management and training professionals to design and conduct highly effective stress management programs in any environment.


The Facilitators Training Manual contains all the details about the Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) and how to use and integrated the SMQ into virtually any stress management program. In addition, the manual has essential information about stress and the many ways to structure a stress management training program, workshop or seminar. For individuals new to stress management programming, the Manual provides templates for what to include in a program based upon the length of the program, the structure of the group and the needs of the organization. The Manual contains group and individual exercises, a section on managerial stress, a Contract for Change and much more.

Ch 1- Designing A Stress Management Program
Ch - 2 About Stress
Ch 3 - Stressors, Stress Response & Stress Effects
Ch 4 - Seven Stress Warning Signs
Ch 5 - Stress Self-Assessment
Ch 6 - Stressmastery Strategies
Ch 7 - What To Do With High SMQ Scores
Ch 8 - Managers and Stress                 
Ch 9 - References
Ch 10 - Contract for Change and Score Card

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