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STRESSMASTER offers a variety of audio and video media for trainers to use in their stress management programs. Currently we are offer unique and highly effective PowerPoint presentations for use in a stress management or stress mastery workshop or seminar.
"Don’t Just Manage Stress. Learn to Master IT" (133 Slides)
This PowerPoint is used as part of a general stress management program and provides a professional level support for key points and topics.


This PowerPoint presents recent research on how stress has a direct impact on one’s health, wellness and life/work satisfaction and productivity. The PowerPoint motivates the listener to understand that stress is having a major impact on health, relationships and productivity and the key to change is AWARENESS! The PowerPoint covers key areas in stress mastery...

The PowerPoint identifies current information about the nature of stress such as what it is and how it affects one’s body and health. The PowerPoint illustrates the Flight or Fight concept of stress theory and provides a simple ways to understand the nature of stress.

In this section the PowerPoint graphically shows the power of stressors and how they often trigger a stress response in us. Stressors are shown as being diverse such as people, life events, things or even our own thoughts. Participants learn to identify personal stressors and that some stressors can be changed while others cannot.

The PowerPoint shows participants about how to identify and recognize their own unique warning signs of stress physically, emotionally, socially, interpersonally and Behaviorally.

The PowerPoint shows how to use evidende-based ways to reduce stress and to become more stress resilient at home and at work. Four key strategies to mastering stress are presented.

How To Be Healthy, Hardy and Stress Resilient: A Stress Mastery Program for Correction Officers(114 Slides)

A new and more specialized PowerPoint is available for those working in the field of corrections and law enforcement. This PowerPoint may be purchased independently by any trainer, program faciilitator, counselor or coach who work within the Criminal Justice System. This PowerPoint follows a program structured around the emense stress challenges of being a Corrections Officers (CO) and what they can do to become more Stress Resilient.

The major sections of the PowerPoint are:
#1 - CO's & STRESS - First, we’ll take a look at recent research on how stress affects the health, wellness and job satisfaction of CO's in various facilities around the country. We’ll answer the question: “To what degree is stress affecting correctional officers at work and home?”
#2 - WHAT IS STRESS? - Second, participants learn about the nature of stress: what it is and how it can have a direct and negative impact on your health, performance, personal relationships, and job satisfaction.
#3 - STRESSORS - Third, participants discover the importance of stressors and their role in triggering a stress response. Stressors show up as the people, life events or things that trigger an immediate stress response. The CO's learn that some stressors can be changed while others cannot. It is in knowing the difference that will help you become more stress resilient.
#4 - WARNING SIGNS OF STRESS - Fourth, each participant will discover the warning signs of stress and be able to recognize when stress may be creating physical and emotional problems.
- Most importantly, the four key strategies for mastering stress are

#5 – HOW TO BECOME STRESS RESILIENT- Participants are presented with proven effective ways to reduce stress to become more stress resilient at home and at work.

Stressmaster Powerpoints

Stressmastery PowerPoints are available for Stressmaster Associates and others in the field of stress management training, coaching, wellness and program development. Contact us for details.



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