Check in at 12:45 PM ~ Program 1:30 to 5:15
Each Participant Will Receive.
A Personal Stress Risk Assessment | A Personal Stress Report
The Stressmastery Guide to Resilience | Extensive Practice In Mindfulness Training & More

Managers, supervisors, administrators, sales, support and customer service personnel. Virtually all employees will benefit, but especially employees who are...
• Feel hostile & angry • Frequently absent from work
• Can’t slow down • Work around toxic co-workers!
• Feeling “Burnt-out” • Often disappointed with others
• Tend to work late hours • Whose “rope” is about to break
• Complain to others of stress • Not “present” even when on the job
Managers, supervisors, administrators, sales, support and customer service personnel. Virtually all employees will benefit, but especially employees who are...
• Identify their Personal Stress Warning Signs
• Use the 4 most successful stress mastering strategies
• Become calm, even when the pressure is on
• Respond to irate & difficult people
• Stay cool and calm, even when work stress is high
• Create inner calm when the pressure is on
• Monitor stress & manage workplace stress
• Recognize stress early & take Steps to Stop Stress
• Create balance & equilibrium
• Identify what level of stress works best
• Stop stress in its tracks & bring stress levels down
• Learn the stress reduction power of...
Meditation | Yoga | Mindfulness | Deep Breathing Visualization | Massage & More
PROGRAM: Participants can expect an “A Rated” workshop on how to master and manage stress. This is an educational and experiential workshop that can be life changing. Each participant will take the internationally recognized Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ) by Dr. James C. Petersen and receive a detailed Stress Report along with the Stressmastery Guide to resilience. Over 600,000 people have taken and benefited from the SMQ and Guide. With the Guide and our expert facilitators, each person will produce learn the keys to stress mastery and develop a Personal Plan for Change. LEARN MORE
Wrap Text around ImageFACILITATORS: Three leading stress experts will be presenting proven effective strategies and approaches to recognizing and mastering workplace stress. The program will be lead by Dr. Jim Petersen, (Psychologist, CEO Stressmaster), Dan Johnson (Executive Director, WELCOAZ) and Cheyenne Autumn, MS (Managing Director, Health Strategies for UnitedHealthCare) LEARN MORE

Stressmaster International, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, has 30+ Associates in 15 countries providing proven ways to reduce stress and build stress resilience. The Wellness Council of Arizona is the leading provider of health and wellness programs in Arizona.

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Once registered, each person will receive an email prior to the Seminar with a link to take the Online Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ). At the seminar, participants will receive all materials including their Personal Stress Report and a copy of the 42 page Stressmastery Guide!

Mastering Stress Workshop Registration"
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"The large number of advisors who turned out for the presentations (by you) and the enthusiastic response to the material presented attests to the excellent job you did! (And)...we heard nothing but compliments on the programs being conducted for the advisors.”
National Law Enforcement Council
"We’ve been working with Jim and his Stressmaster Assessment for close to 20 years. What Jim has developed is one of the best assessments and stress management programs that I’ve seen out there for helping people understand their stress load and then being able to manage and overcome their stress."
Senior Partner of International Training Company
[From a one day Mastering Stress workshop with senior level bank executives] "I already received two calls of participants telling me it has had a deep impact on them: they are “determined to leave stress behind” and now they “know how to do it”.
Senior Trainer for a large international bank.
"Dr. Petersen has developed a comprehensive stress questionnaire and program that provides users with a comprehensive analysis and report that enables the participant to gain a greater understanding of potential triggers of stress within their lives that can be used to develop an effective stress management action plan to improve their overall health & well being."
Preventative Medicine Professional

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