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"We've been working with Jim and his Stressmaster Assessment for close to 20 years. What Jim has developed is one of the best assessments that I've seen out there for helping people understand their stress load and then being able to manage and overcome their stress."

S. R. Stop At Nothing.

I’ve been using the SMQ for over the last 14 months and have given it to about 750 people. It has been extremely useful in our Stress Management Program and I’ve received much positive feedback from the Participants. Some remarks have been: The (SMQ) guide has helped me change my life.’ ‘I get better insight every time I go through the Report and Guide. The SMQ helped me know myself a lot better. I’m a better manager because of that. ”These remarks make me feel good about the effectiveness of the instrument as we apply it in the Stress Management Program.” Paul D. (Ph.D)

"I have been reading my "Highs" (scores on the SMQ) and I thank you for hitting it on the head. My Anger, Time Urgency, Tension highs describe me perfectly. I will be using this info taking to my group counseling sessions for discussion and input."

B.F. New Port Richey "

On a personal note, I have found the SMQ to be a robust, informative tool, based on sound theory and practice. I am definitely an advocateof the Stressmaster philosoply!"

J.L. (UK Consultancy)



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