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The Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ), which is the 1st Step in the Stress Masrtery Program, is taken online in about 12-15 minutes. The 87 questions will provided you with a "diagnostic" on the 7 Warning Signs of Stress, 2 types of Stressors affecting your life and the 2 ways Stress may be Affecting your health and wellbeing. In addition, we will provide you with the Stress Mastery Guide: A Road Map To Resilience (42pp PDF)

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The first step in learning how to master stress is to identify and understand the behaviors and attitudes that reflect underlying stress. Since stress manifests itself in our behaviors, attitudes and ways of thinking, the key is to learn to understand and recognize the warning signs of stress. The Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) provides you with informatin on 11 unique stress risk scales.

Immediately after completing the SMQ online, you will receive immediate feedback on your stress risk scores in the form of a one page Personal Stress Profile. Within a short time (less than 24 hours) a Detailed Stress Report will be emailed to you. The Report shows the your actual responses to each of the 87 questions. Both the Profile and Report are important tools to providing you with clear feedback on what behaviors and thinking styles you may want to change to prevent stress from recurring.

Armed with the information from the SMQ, PROFILE and REPORT, you will receive a PDF to download a copy of Dr. Petersen's Stressmastery Guide: A Roadmap to Resilience. The Guide will provide you with detailed information for each of the 11 scales on What to Know and What to Do to change or modify the underlying behavior or attitude causing stress. The Guide can be used alone as a self-study guide or integrated into a stress management training or coaching program.


Dear Dr. Petersen,

I would like to personally thank you for creating a great stress assessment tool. As an executive coach, trainer, and team developer, I have searched for a good stress assessment tool for use in our programs. Having scoured the internet for over 10 years, we have found your stress “risk” assessment tool, called the Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ), to be the best tool for the programs we do with our corporate clients.

We’ve been using your SMQ diagnostic tool since early 2000 as part of our PEAK PERFORMANCE II program. This program focuses on how to improve personal performance through employee engagement. Decreasing stress in the workplace is essential to improving organizational performance.

Thank you for working with us and our clients, as Stressmaster and your Stress Management Questionnaire will remain as an integral part of our program going forward.
Susan R.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Stop At Nothing, Inc.

Hello Dr. Petersen,

I just took the assessment and I think it is great! It was simple, didn’t take too long, and easy to understand. I really liked the guide as well, especially the Contract For Change section, as many of the clients we work with have difficulty with follow through. I will be trying this assessment with a client next week Wednesday and will also be presenting this to the occupational therapists and social workers. Thank you very much for being prompt and providing trials for us to try to determine the need for the assessment. I will keep you posted! Thank you. YN, OTS

Hi Jim,

“I just got finished looking over the materials to the SMQ and I have to say that I am quite impressed. There is a place for this on a global level for sure. At the very least for people in the health care world as a staple instrument... I just wanted you to know that you really did a great job with this. The entire package is brilliant. (Later) I took the SMQ. I am sure that you will not be surprised to know that, I was impressed on first sight.”

Lawrence F. (Licensed Psychologist - NY and CA)

Dr. Petersen,

“I have been reading my “HIGHS” (scores on the SMQ) and I thank you for hitting it on the head. My anger, time urgency, tension highs describe me perfectly. I will be using the info taking it to my group counseling sessions for discussion input.”BF - New Port Richey


Order Via PayPal below and within a short time you will receive a Link to Take the SMQ and your unique and confidential Access Code. After completing the SMQ you will receive your Stress Report (7-9 pp) a PDF of the Stress Mastery Guide by e-mail.


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